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HIV attacks CD4 cells, which fight infections in the body. Thus, the body is unable to defend itself against infection.

HIV symptoms vary from person to person. HIV patients may show different symptoms from one another.

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Symptoms of HIV in the early stages include:

1. Having a fever

2. Joint and muscle pains

3. Sweating at night

4. Skin rashes

5. Tiredness

6. The throat is sore

7. Urethritis of the mouth

8. Having an upset stomach

9. Lymph nodes that are swollen

Sexual relations with other HIV-positive individuals

The sex of HIV-positive people with their HIV-positive partners is unprotected. Pleasure and intimacy are two of the reasons. There are, however, some factors you should consider if you are both HIV positive so you can make informed decisions about sex if you are both positive.

The following are some of these issues:

Unprotected sex between a man and woman can lead to pregnancy. HIV HIV-positive man who has unprotected sex with  HIV-neganative woman who is pregnant or breastfeeding runs the risk of transmitting HIV to the baby. Despite this, HIV-positive women are still able to give birth to HIV-negative babies with proactive treatment.

Both men and women are at risk of other STDs when having unprotected sex.

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HIV medication PEP stands for POST-EXPOSURE PROPHYLAXIS. It is prescribed to people who have been exposed to the virus. Infections are treated with these medications soon after they occur. Using PEP medicines prevents the virus from compromising the immune system.

This treatment must be administered if you are exposed to HIV within 72 hours. A medication may not work if it is not taken as directed.

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HIV / AIDS Treatments in Sugarland


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