Non Sterile Compounding

To assist physicians in providing the best healthcare possible, Allied Pharmacy is dedicated to providing superior service and quality medications.

To meet the needs of patients, we have all the necessary assets to produce a wide variety of individualized medications. We at all Allied pharmacies strive for quality and customer service that is above reproach. We look forward to helping you with all of your specialized healthcare needs.

Compounding specialist pharmacies know the importance of patient involvement in giving care, and that improved patient collaboration allows them to take a more direct approach to their care. A patient-centered, participatory approach that values our relationship with each doctor and patient is the best way to administer care.

Non Sterile Compounding Treatment in Sugarland
Non Sterile Compounding


Compound creams can be formulated in any number of mixtures and potencies based on the patient’s needs. Creams can be produced for numbing, hormone replacement therapy, pain, bleaching, acne, and even peels and exfoliates for the face.


Similar to compounded creams, gels can be created with a variety of combinations, including alcohol-free and alcohol-inclusive formulas.

Non Sterile Compounding in Sugarland


Almost any drug that can be taken orally can be formulated into capsules. UT fillers or unnecessary additives. They can change the strength of a drug either increasing or decreasing the strength depending on what is available commercially. When discontinued drugs are no longer available, they can be made again, or combined drugs can be mixed to make them easier to administer or to reduce the number of capsules needed.

Non Sterile Compounding in Sugarland
Non Sterile Compounding in Sugarland


The troche allows for taking through the buccal cavity, which is the area under the tongue or inside the cheek. Several drugs can be compromised during ingestion. When drugs must be absorbed quickly, this method is a good alternative.