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The pharmacists at Allied Pharmacy are uniquely trained to supervise cancer patients’ prescribed drug therapies.

Access to medications

The Allied Pharmacy provides oncology patients with a complete medication management plan that includes instruction on drugs, coordination with insurance providers, and direct access to medications. Medical services are individualized for each patient by our healthcare staff.

Our staff maintains a comprehensive line of oral oncology medications to ensure you can begin treatment as soon as possible.

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Billing & Insurance

At Allied Pharmacy, our reimbursement team organizes your benefits and pays attention to real-life issues like coping and cost access. We assist with prior authorization approvals and accept all insurance policies the pharmacy team is available to assist you with these costly and complex medications.

If you need financial assistance, we will work with your insurance company and manufacturers of our prescription drugs to ensure coverage for your medication.

Delivery of medications

Allied Pharmacy offers complimentary delivery of medications to your home. Each patient receives a customized Welcome Kit that includes everything they need to manage their medical condition.

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Providing support

Oncology patients can experience and achieve active and full lives with medications provided by Allied Pharmacy. In addition to proper diet, rest, and side effects, cancer sufferers face specific challenges. To improve your care and the effectiveness of your treatment, we focus on disease education and communicable Physicians should be consulted for medical advice. The resource links below can offer additional information.

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