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Our pharmacy offers a wide range of specialty, commercially available, compounded, and supportive-care ophthalmology medications, including FDA-approved medications and those with limited distribution.

You can order exactly what you need for your patient, adjusting potency, dosage size, and form to meet their individual needs. If you need an ophthalmology pharmacy consultation, stronger antibiotics, topical without preservatives, surgery packs, or combo drops. We offer a complete solution for specialty medications and compounded medications at Allied pharmacy.

Compound medications help you manage and eliminate several conditions, including:

1. Symptoms of cataracts

2. Acute conjunctivitis

3. Dry Eye Syndrome

4. Infections of the eye caused by fungi or bacteria

5. The glaucoma disease

6. Degeneration of the macular wet

Ophthalmology Treatment in Sugarland
Best Ophthalmology Treatment in Sugarland

Not everyone qualifies for ophthalmology compounding

We can provide customized medication solutions for a wide range of ailments. The preparation of eye medications requires specialized equipment and extreme sterility settings, which makes ophthalmology less common. Consequently, there are so few ophthalmology compounding pharmacies compared to other types of pharmacies.

In addition to providing high quality and uncompromising sterility, Allied Pharmacy is experienced in ophthalmology compounding.

We prepare your medications in our certified, sterile clean room in the correct dosage, concentration, and format, including:

1. The drops

2. Getting injected

3. Solutions for intravenous administration (IV)

4. Creams and ointments

5. Tablets, capsules, or liquids for oral administration

Ophthalmology Treatment in Sugarland


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