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We provide expert custom compounding for all your urology prescription needs at Allied Pharmacy.

The specialty of urology deals with the reproductive and urinary systems. The following conditions are treated and diagnosed by urologists:

1. Problems related to bladder control

2. Bladder leakage

3. Infections of the bladder and urinary tract

4. An enlargement of the prostate that is benign

5. A problem with erections

6. Symptoms of kidney stones

7. An infection of the prostate

8. The disease bladder cancer

9. The disease of the kidneys

10. Prostate cancer.

11. The testicular cancer

Urology Treatment in Sugarland
Urology Treatment in Sugarland

Common Urology Medications, Customized Dosages

The most commonly prescribed urology medications are available Allied Pharmacy in personalized combinations and dosage forms, including:

1. Taking capsules

2. Using creams

3. The gels

4. Liquids for oral administration

5. Tabs with rapid dissolution

6. The use of sterile injectable

7. Using suppositories

8. Troches


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